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Apple is ready for war against Google and ChatGPT, this is the ammunition

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Apple is said to be facing one of the biggest challenges during CEO Tim Cook’s tenure. The challenge in question is competition in the field of artificial intelligence or AI.

Apple entered the world of AI in 2011 with the launch of its digital assistant Siri. This step is several years ahead of other companies that are now aggressively developing AI. However, the Cupertino-based company is lagging behind its competitors, such as Google and OpenAi. Both of Apple’s competitors are now “AI superstars” and increasingly powerful in the market.

However, according to Apple leaker Mark Gurman, the company is ready to fight Google and ChatGPT. He believes that Apple has the opportunity to catch up.

Apple is predicted to introduce new generative AI features at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) which will be held on June 10. Apple is expected to introduce advanced features that can make you ‘wow’.

Gurman said Apple has advantages over its competitors, namely “money capital, talent and a powerful platform,” he said.

However, Gurman also mentioned Apple’s weaknesses in the AI ​​sector. One of them is the weakness of Siri which relies on processing information on the device. That way, the data collected is not as rich as other open AI modeling.

“Apple does this as an effort to maintain user security and privacy. However, this mechanism does not always provide the best experience for users,” said Gurman.

The company will still stick to its “embedded in device” approach, with large language models powering AI features on iPhones and other products.

Apple also plans to deliver services through the cloud, putting high-end Mac chips into data centers to handle these online features.

Gurman expects the company to improve Siri’s voice capabilities, provide more conversation modes, and add other features.

It calls this approach “proactive intelligence”. The Apple leaker said that AI enhancements will likely include services such as automatically summarizing notifications from the iPhone, providing short synopses of news articles and transcribing voice memos, as well as enhancing existing auto-complete features.