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Apple Prepares Cheap Cellphone

iPhone SE 4, The Price Will Surprise You

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The iPhone SE series is known as a cellphone made by Apple which is priced at an affordable price. This series is Apple’s attempt to compete with mid-range cellphones from Android manufacturers.

Apple is predicted to present the iPhone SE 4 as an update to the iPhone SE 3 released in 2022.

Reportedly, this cellphone will be released in 2025. However, there is something surprising. Apple is rumored to be raising the price of the iPhone SE 4.

According to leaks circulating, the worst case scenario is that Apple will set a price of US$ 499 (Rp. 7.9 million) for the iPhone SE 4. This price is more expensive than the iPhone SE 3 which is set at US$ 429 (Rp. 6.8 million).

However, Apple is rumored to be bringing significant improvements. This is what makes Apple take longer to present its affordable cellphone series.

One of them, the iPhone SE 4 is said to have Face ID technology which is currently available on the regular iPhone series and above.

The screen is said to be 6.1-inches similar to the regular iPhone 14 variant. Many hope that Apple will embed a newer A15 Bionic processor so that the performance of this cheap cellphone can still compete with Android cellphones.

Furthermore, the iPhone SE 4 screen is said to use an OLED panel type which is an upgrade from LCD. Even though it uses an OLED screen, Apple must continue to reduce production costs by maintaining the refresh rate capability which is stuck at 60Hz.

Other leaked specifications include a 12MP selfie camera and a USB-C port like the new iPhone series.

These various leaks have not been directly confirmed by Apple. Let’s just wait!