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Bill Gates Names 3 Professions That

Will Not Be Extinct Replaced by AI

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Not all jobs will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence. Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, revealed that there are at least three professions that are immune to the onslaught of technology.

The three are professions in the field of alternative energy, health bioscience, and in the field of AI development itself. Gates also said that he had invested in these three fields.

Gates also admitted that he is increasingly focusing on AI. In a post regarding predictions for 2024, he said everyone has a better understanding of the type of work carried out and supported by AI.

“Now we have a better understanding of the types of work that AI can do itself and what AI can do as its copilot,” said Gates, quoted by the Daily Mail , Tuesday (16/4/2024).

Gates tried using AI last year. He said he used it for “serious things” not just for playing.

“2023 will be the first time I use artificial intelligence for work and other serious reasons, not just for playing around and making parody song lyrics for my friends,” he explained.

As time goes by, Gates added that it is becoming clearer that AI can be used to develop many things. Starting from education to mental health.

“This motivates me to ensure this technology helps reduce and does not contribute to the inequality that exists in the world,” said Gates.

In the health sector, he gave an example, AI chatbots can be used to make it easier for patients to learn about and consider the risks of HIV.