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Crazy Rich RI Becomes China’s Capital, Unexpectedly Tragic Fate

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – There is a saying that wealth and position can bring happiness to a person. However, this expression does not apply to Oei Hui Lan, the daughter of crazy rich Indonesia Oei Tiong Ham who is also listed as the first lady of China. Even though he had obtained wealth and the throne, Hui Lan’s life was unhappy and had a tragic fate.

What’s the story?

Money Doesn’t Bring Happiness

Oei Hui Lan is the daughter of the sugar king, Oei Tiong Ham. Since birth, Oei Hui Lan has been accustomed to eating with a golden spoon in her mouth. His father, who was also born in Semarang, is a well-known sugar entrepreneur who has assets of up to 200 million guilders or IDR 44 trillion.

In a memoir entitled No Feast Lasts Forever (1975), she said that her life as the daughter of a tycoon was dreamed of by all women in the world.

It is known that she was born with a beautiful face and had everything thanks to her father’s gifts. His house alone in Semarang covers an area of ​​80 hectares, equipped with a private villa, pavilion, artificial lake and zoo. Not to mention, he also has many helpers and chefs. If he gets bored at home, he just has to choose any location for a vacation.

However, behind this glory, Oei Hui Lan admitted that she had been unhappy throughout her life.

Since childhood, Hui Lan has always been lonely. He doesn’t have close friends because he goes to school privately at home. Then, he also didn’t get too much attention from his parents. The father was busy doing business and the mother was more active in taking care of her older sister.

Ironically, to avoid being lonely, he chose to play with animals in a private zoo. It is known that he has dogs, monkeys and kangaroos who accompany him every day. Due to this kind of attitude, her mother often considered Hui Lan naughty and wild.

“Even though I just feel lonely,” said Oei Hui Lan defensively.

Then when he grew up he had to swallow the bitter fact that the father he loved was cheating on him with another woman. The father wanted to have sons, but from marriage he was given daughters, including Oei Hui Lan. As a result, his father had many mistresses to have sons.

At this point, he felt very sad because his father preferred to live with a mistress and leave him alone. Indeed, Oei Tiong Ham always gives money, but there is something more that Hui Lan wants, namely parental love.

Since that incident, Hui Lan has lived in London with her mother. Long story short, life in London then made her meet many men and even to the point of marriage. There, she married two men at different times, namely a doctor and a Chinese diplomat.

Both of them changed Oei Hui Lan’s life. Money and a new family can be achieved. Even her marriage to a Chinese diplomat named Wellington Koo allowed her to receive a place of honor as first lady of China for the period 1926-1927.

Even so, he admitted again that he was not happy. Moreover, the marriage ended in divorce. In this condition, he lives alone. Her father, mother, brothers and husband left her. He also regrets his life journey so far.

“The happiness we get in this life is only momentary and when I watched one by one the people I loved go away, once again the treasures I had could not comfort me or bring them back,” recalled Oei.

On this basis, Oei Hui Lan’s old age was shrouded in loneliness and regret. Throughout his life, he always prioritized money and position, but was never happy. Moreover, wealth also brings disaster. Due to his parents’ inheritance, he quarreled with his siblings. Then, due to being too rich, he also became a target for robbery.

It is on this basis that in his memoirs he says he wants to turn back time and start living with simplicity. Such feelings continued until Oei Hui Lan died in New York in 1992.