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Easy way so that people can’t chat to

us on WhatsApp without blocking

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – You no longer need to bother blocking people’s numbers so they can’t send any more messages on WhatsApp. The platform developed an archive feature so that you don’t get unblocked chats.

The WhatsApp archive feature has this capability. Chats from the desired contact will be archived and not visible in the messages section.

Incoming chats will not be visible, contacts are also muted or muted. So even if there is a new chat, there will be no notification that goes into the phone.

However, WhatsApp still displays notifications under certain conditions. For example, an archived account replies to a message or mentions a username.

“Archive in WhatsApp allows you to organize private messages and prioritize important chats. Chat archives will remain archived and muted but you can still change them again,” wrote WhatsApp on its Twitter account.

This archive feature aims to give users control over incoming WhatsApp contacts. To use it, see the following method:

1. Open the WhatsApp application

2. Select the chat you want to archive

3. Access the Keep Chat Archived option

4. The chat will be entered in the Archive folder at the top of the incoming message. You can enter the folder to see the chats in it.

How WhatsApp Appears Offline

You can also avoid replying to WhatsApp messages by making your account appear offline. This means that you don’t appear to be using WhatsApp even though you are online.

Here’s how WhatsApp appears Offline:

1. Turn off Last Seen

This feature contains information about when the user last used WhatsApp, including when he was online. To turn off this feature, press the three dots icon in the top right corner, select Settings and then click Privacy. On the Who Can See My Personal Info menu, click Last Seen and select Nobody. The option is for everyone, saved contacts or not.

2. Turn off Blue Tick

The blue tick is a sign that you read the message sent. You can also turn it off, here’s how:

Click the three dots icon in the top right corner of WhatsApp

Select Settings

Tap Account > Privacy

Slide the toggle for the Read Report or Read Receipts option

The blue tick is no longer active

3. Hide Status

You can also hide your status to make it look like you’re not using WhatsApp. You can control who can see it. The way to do this is press the three-dot option at the top right > Privacy > Status.

Next you will see options for who to share the Status with, there are “My Contacts”, “My Contacts Except…”, and “Only Share With…”. Choose according to what you want.

4. Create a Status

Apart from hiding it, you can also create a status that states not to be disturbed for a certain period of time. How to open the three-dot icon menu > Settings > WhatsApp profile name > About.

After that, click the pencil icon, and write a status to notify other people if the account will be offline within a certain time. Finally, don’t forget to click Save.

5. Turn off Background Data

You can turn off Background Data to avoid receiving messages. This method is only for Android, namely by opening Settings, next open the data options, and select disable Background Data.