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Elon Musk Reveals Alien Theory

Calling Earth Another Name

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Elon Musk, one of the world’s richest people and owner of the space company SpaceX, was present at the opening of the World Water Forum in Bali. In his opening speech, Musk threw out theories about aliens and another name for Earth.

As someone who is active in the rocket industry and space exploration, Musk admits that he often gets questions about aliens. According to him, people often want to know whether there are intelligent living creatures outside Earth.

He argued that aliens who stopped by or saw Earth would have given it a different name.

“If aliens come here, many people think they have already come here. People always ask me about aliens,” said Musk. “They will name [the planet] water, [not Earth].”

Musk explained that “water” was the name that aliens would give to the planet where humans live, not Earth. The reason is that the majority of the planet’s surface visible from space is water, not land or earth.

“They will name our [planet] water because it is 70 percent water and only 30 percent land,” he said.

Musk believes that all water problems can be solved by humans. The reason is that water resources on Earth are very abundant.

“The potential to solve water problems is very good because there is so much water. Some require desalinization, but that is an energy issue,” he said.

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The problem of energy for desalinization, he explained, can now be solved by alternative energy sources, namely solar energy.

Musk explained that the emergence of the electric vehicle industry, including through his company Tesla, means that the cost of generating solar energy and batteries is now much cheaper.