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Giant Tesla Factory Fires,

Cause Mysterious

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A fire broke out at the Tesla car assembly facility in Fremont, California, United States, earlier this week. This is known from the statement by the Fremont Fire Department on its official X account.

There were no casualties in the incident. Firefighters also arrived on time and were able to control the blaze.

Quoted from CNBC International, Wednesday (22/5/2024), fire crews responded to the report and arrived at the location at 17.00 local time.

The fire extinguishing process lasted 3 hours and officers were able to leave the location at 20.00 local time.

The intensity of the fire was described as medium level (two-alarm) and attacked a two-story building at the Tesla facility.

The source of the fire came from an oven used in the manufacturing process for Tesla car components. However, the cause of the fire spread is still a mystery and will be investigated further.

For information, the Tesla factory in Fremont is the first mass electric car manufacturing facility. This facility produces units of the popular Model 3, as well as the Model Y, Model S, and Model

In 2023, Tesla’s factory in Fremont produced nearly 560,000 electric cars and employed more than 20,000 people. The factory area reaches 510,000 square meters.