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Why Mitra IT?

To make mobile application with a good interface definitely has become our standard of quality. Not only considering the User Interface, we also very concerned about UX terms or the ease of use for the application. To increase user satisfaction, we will make sure that every mobile application we produce will have good UI and also the quality of UX.

Our programmer team is based in Indonesia, which guaranteed us to deliver successful latest technology-based applications. We also have very solid team and we’re all ready to give our best to make mobile application. Because making the best application according to each project is our principle.

Mitra IT is one of best mobile apps development company that still hard to find in Indonesia. Our Quality that have global standard will make you and your costumer more easier communicate using iOS application and android application. Don’t be afraid to join in the business of mobile trend whether you’re in Bali, Jakarta or anywhere else, and make your own mobile application with us.

Our Expertise

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We are based in Bali, Indonesia area. Therefore, compared to big cities our service fee is certainly cheaper than other vendors outside Bali such as Jakarta. But even with cheap price, we are commited to make the best application product. Even though our position is in Bali, we are able to provide the best quality of mobile application development while offering affordable prices.

Android – Kotlin • iOS – Swift • Xamarin • Ionic • React Native • PhoneGap • Cordova

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