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Shower and Locker Service Near Malioboro, Personnel Will Be Added During “Long Weekend”

YOGYAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Preparing for the long weekend next week, precisely during the 2024 Vesak holiday, PT Kereta Api Wisata will add personnel to several services, one of which is Shower and Locker.

The KAI Wisata services offered include Anggrek Lounge and Shower and Locker .

Anggrek Longue is a waiting room for passengers, then the Shower and Locker can be used by tourists to shower and store their goods.

“So tourists who come can clean up first, take a shower and leave their belongings. Maybe while waiting to check in at the hotel, they can take a walk in Malioboro first,” said Main Director of KAI Wisata Hendy Helmy at Yogyakarta Station, Sunday (5/5 /2024).

He continued, this service actually already exists at several stations in Jakarta. However,

the most users are at Yogyakarta Station because it is located close to Malioboro.Reflecting on the 2024 Eid holiday, continued Hendy, KA Wisata experienced a surge in service users. In total, during the 2024 Eid holiday, approximately 800 people will use the Tourist Train service.

“During last Eid holiday there were around 800 passengers. For the long weekend next week, hopefully it can reach 700 passengers. Later we will add more personnel so we don’t get overwhelmed,

” he said when met at Yogyakarta Station, Sunday (5/5/2024).

As for daily data, Shower and Locker is used by around 80 to 100 people.

Then on weekends, it increased to around 200 people. Apart from adding personnel, KAI Wisata will also expand and increase the number of Showers and Lockers.”The initial number was 6 and increased to 15 ( showers ). For lockers, now there are 81 including existing ones ,” said Hendy.

One tourist named Noviana from Jakarta admitted that she was helped by this service.He came to Yogyakarta to attend a friend’s wedding. After that he wanted to travel to Malioboro, but because he had a lot of luggage, he was helped because he could leave it.

“Because I wanted to go on a trip to Malioboro, but the train ticket was still at 17.00, so I was in a position to enjoy myself , not bring a lot of things,” he said.

In terms of price, according to him, it is also affordable, namely IDR 20,000 per hour for storing goods.

“It helps that there are services like this in Malioboro,” he concluded.