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Telkomsel Successfully Encourages Digital Literacy Through Internet is good Series 8

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Telkomsel has succeeded in building digital literacy awareness among more than 1,000 students and teachers in Indonesia through the Internet BAIK Series 8 program.

Through this program with the theme “Empower Creative Generation”, Telkomsel has succeeded in providing training to the public in the form of seminars, workshops, intensive booth camps related to the latest trends and challenges in the digital creative world, as well as digital creative skills to support the development of knowledge, insight and creativity.

This program has reached its peak with the holding of a roadshow in the last city, namely at SMKN 2 Kediri, SMAN 1 Kediri and SLB Negeri Kandat.

This initiative further strengthens Telkomsel’s commitment to creating sustainable corporate social impact in implementing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles to tackle the spread of negative content and increase the national digital literacy index.

Deputy Minister of Communication and Information, Nezar Patria, said that the young generation is an important part of the SiBerkreasi National Digital Literacy Movement which aims to improve the digital skills of Indonesian society.

In addition, the continuation of Telkomsel’s BAIK Internet Program in accelerating digital literacy among students and schools is in line with the government’s commitment to increasing people’s digital knowledge in various sectors, including education.

“This program also encourages active community participation in spreading positive and productive content in the digital world, and invites all groups to prevent potential negative impacts from the development of information on the internet,” said Nezar in his official statement, Tuesday (7/5/2024).

On the other hand, VP Corporate Communications & Social Responsibility Telkomsel Saki H. Bramono, explained, based on a report from the Institute for Management Development (IMD) in the World Digital Competitive News Ranking 2023, Indonesia ranks 45th out of a total of 64 countries. This confirms that even though Indonesia has a fairly high number of internet users, not all internet users have good digital literacy.

“As the leading digital telco service provider in Indonesia which is fully committed to empowering society by encouraging increased capacity and capability of digital talent in the future, Telkomsel specifically presents the BAIK Internet Program which is inspired by Indonesia’s spirit to share hopes in increasing the digital literacy of Indonesia’s young generation, “as a step to face challenges and take advantage of opportunities in the era of digital transformation,” he said.

For your information, during the implementation of the Internet BAIK Series 8 Program since January 2024, Telkomsel has held a digital literacy roadshow which has reached more than 1,000 participants including teachers/educators, parents, communities, students, as well as students with disabilities from SLB level. high schools from 40 schools in four cities, namely Medan, Tasikmalaya, Banjarbaru and Kediri.

The main aim of this program is to increase the participants’ knowledge and skills in using digital technology in a responsible, safe, inspiring and creative (GOOD) manner.

Meanwhile, the training programs presented include seminars with professionals and practitioners who share their insights and experiences about the latest trends and challenges in the digital creative world as well as offline and online digital creative skills workshops and bootcamps to improve and support the development of knowledge, insight and creativity. in using various digital platforms, such as Adobe Express, E-Repository to Figma.

To date, the Internet BAIK Series 8 program has presented four digital literacy seminars, 24 onsite training classes and 30 online training. Through the presence of these various trainings, the Internet BAIK program has created 158 digital teaching materials created by teachers and educators, which cover various learning topics such as Indonesian, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Geography.

These teaching materials enable students from various backgrounds to access and master digital content more easily. Additionally, the interactive nature of digital teaching materials has increased the dynamics of learning, allowing students to become more actively engaged learners in the learning process.

The Internet BAIK program has also produced 133 Mobile Application and Web Application prototypes created by students which encourage students to try to create application prototypes that are useful in the future.

Since it was first launched in 2016, Internet BAIK has achieved a lot in increasing knowledge and skills in using technology in a responsible, safe, inspiring and creative manner (BAIK).

Just so you know, this program has benefited more than 20 thousand students in more than 1,400 schools, as well as more than 9 thousand teachers, parents and community members in more than 240 cities/districts throughout Indonesia, creating more than 1,100 Digital Creative Content, 189 digital teaching materials and 165 mobile app prototypes.

For further information regarding Telkomsel’s flagship CSR Program Internet BAIK Series 8, you can access it on the page and Internet BAIK social media.


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