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Watch out! AI Can Create New Problems for Humans

Tbilisi, CNBC Indonesia – Artificial intelligence (AI) can be a new effort to speed up the economy. On the other hand AI can be a big problem for humanity.

“Another priority for the future: the need to harness digital technology and ensure its use carefully and fairly,” said Asian Development Bank (ADB) President Masatsugu Asakawa at the 57th ADB Annual Meeting at the Concert Hall, Tbilisi, Georgia, Saturday ( 4/5/2024)

According to Asakawa, the views of many parties regarding the benefits from the development of AI can help many things are true. It’s just that a series of risks also await if not used carefully and fairly.

“Artificial Intelligence offers tremendous potential to drive growth and help overcome development challenges in the fields of health, agriculture and climate change,” he explained

AI has developed rapidly in developed countries in various sectors. In developing countries, Asakawa said AI development is not that good. Meanwhile, poor countries are even further behind.

“Developing countries will be left behind if they are unable to adopt this technology. There are also risks from AI, such as bias and lack of transparency,” said Asakawa.

ADB has a role in creating justice by being involved in encouraging the development of AI in developing and poor countries but remaining responsible, ethical and having an impact on inclusiveness.

“ADB is working hard to strengthen the capacity of its developing member countries to implement responsible AI solutions that follow ethical frameworks and promote inclusive growth. We believe that bridging the digital divide and unlocking opportunities from AI is the key to a more prosperous future,” explained Asakawa..