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Bill Gates’ 5 Predictions About AI That Will Change the World

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Even though it has been around for a long time, it has only been in the last few years that more companies and people have looked at Artificial Intelligence (AI). Some jobs end up being much more efficient after being replaced by machines.

Not only usage, more people are also finally talking about AI. Including predicting what the future of the world will be like after AI develops very rapidly.

One of those who issued his prediction was Microsoft founder Bill Gates. In his end-of-year notes, he provided views on 2024 and the development of AI technology.

1. Antibiotic Resistance

One problem that often occurs is a person’s resistance to antibiotics. Gates said research using AI was being carried out by Nana Kofi Quakyi from the Aurum Institute in Ghana to solve this problem.

He is working on an AI-powered tool to help healthcare workers prescribe antibiotics. It is hoped that the prescription will not increase the risk of resistance.

2. Special Tutor for Each Student

Tutors or teachers will also be personalized in the future. So they can understand the strengths and difficulties of each method by adapting existing methodologies.

Now there is an AI-based edutech platform. Starting from Khanmigo, Mathia, and Somanasi.

3. High Risk Pregnancy

Gates said a woman dies every two minutes after giving birth. This risk of death is being sought for a solution using AI by research in Amman.

4. HIV risk

Chatbots in Africa can apparently assess HIV risk. The machine helps more women understand the risks and appropriate steps to protect themselves from the disease.

5. Access Medical Information

AI is also expected to speed up the research process where it is difficult to access medical information in several countries. Gates said the solution will be available in the future.


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